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Re: What Was Your Windows Squad

Post#11 » Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:53 pm

CoolGuy wrote:RogueEwokCarnage - destroying Imperials until Windows finished, now RogueEwokReturn. I had a fully completed level 10 base and received 460k crystals in compensation. Now have a largely inactive Prestige base as Prestige sucks.

I understand your feeling. When I saw the 445,000 crystals on my then Imperial HQ 6, I thought: Great, now I do not need to ever play this game anymore... Just use crystals. Two years later, I still have 73k crystals and nothing to do except the last Prestige upgrades, for turrets and resources generators. Today my Imperial Prestige is mere feeder to my HQ 6 but rarely I play as Imperial because I prefer to play as Rebel.
SWC Windows survivor.

Imperial Prestige / Rebel Prestige on vacation and trying new games.
If you are Rebel join "Solo's_Band" (war squad) or "Ewok_revenge" (training squad)

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