Looking for UK based squads

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Looking for UK based squads

Post#1 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 1:55 pm

Any squads in the UK looking for 3 active experienced players? Or even join our squad, Rebel_Nomads? We would consider joining an active squad based over here if we can't tempt anyone into our friendly squad!

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Re: Looking for UK based squads

Post#2 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 10:28 am

Not directly a UK squad but active for sure. If you guys are looking for a new home we might be able to accomodate you.

we always have room for rebels looking for a home in Havoc_Knights, which is the recruiter/trainer squad of Havoc_Agents. a full on war squad. Knights is the entry to our community, and we have a lot of US based players but also some Euro members (I'm one of them, Belgium based) even some from the UK :)

If you want to know more you can always reach out to me in Line messenger (lineid collisionwave) for a chat or drop by in Havoc_Knights!

See you there :)
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