What's your Secondary Base Setup?

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What's your Secondary Base Setup?

Post#1 » Mon May 14, 2018 7:09 pm

So I've had my first base for years now but I finally decided to start fresh with a new base. Now I want to have some fun with it. I am curious as to those who have two or more bases... What's your setup like? Is it a mini base? A sandbagging base just for fun? Or are you casually leveling up like you did your first? (Unless you've always been a sandbagger, then screw you :lol: )

Let me know!
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Re: 2nd Base Setup Ideas

Post#2 » Mon May 14, 2018 7:14 pm

I setup my mini base (currently HQ5) to maximize heroic defense wins and PvP wins... attacking wins have always been easy in this game and should be. For some reason, defensive wins tend to give me a greater thrill than attacking wins, probably because its harder to win on defense. So my HQ5 base has the HQ in a corner, and the 2 shields guard the SC, with turrets around it, etc. A concentrated corner attack usually gets the attacker a win, but only like a weak 25% win or so since turrets and SC take out the attackers. Only had a few 100% losses with my mini base, usually an HQ6 or so empire player that knows what he or she is doing! Have fun! No armory at HQ5! Woohoo :mrgreen:

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Re: What's your Secondary Base Setup?

Post#3 » Tue May 15, 2018 3:35 am

I have a level 8 mini that I maintain at one medal. It rarely gets attacked, and when it does, it wins the d, usually with <10% damage. I've lost one defense this year. Through level 7, I could win hd's by either using heroes or dropping the flag, and I unlocked all the GR and jump skins, etc. that way. At 8, I don't bother with hd's. I use it for donations and during events. Since my main base is evel 8 and has 75K medals, it is worthless for wars, so I also war with the mini.

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Re: What's your Secondary Base Setup?

Post#4 » Tue May 15, 2018 8:08 am

Mini base.

On the Rebel account, I have a L8 mini. The aim is have less base score increasing buildings but the ones I have are usually upgraded to the max level. Medal count is actually higher than for my main base (where I worked hard to reduce it) @ 10k +

The focus is on attack strength but with the GR and good SC troops I win most defenses and if someone does get my base, they are usually good for nice loot / revenge.

Not sandbagging - I do not want to go up against L4 or L5 bases as there is not much loot. Just wanted something more relaxing after always going against higher level bases with my main base.

On the secondary base I chose upgrading over adding new, so I will first upgrade the main troops I use in the research center, then I upgrade the structures I have to their max level and only then I add new structures. When everything is at the level I want it to is when I upgrade the hq.

I feel that many players make the mistake of upgrading their Hq very quickly and find themselves in a situation that they are at level 6 and have all the shields, turrets and traps you can have but at level 3 or 4 max, plus their troops are also at l3 or 4 max.

I actually play more with my secondary base than with my main base. Could be because it became less fun after going to level 9.
But: I feel that experimenting with the secondary base has also made me a better player on my main base.

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