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Re: Recruiting issue

Post#11 » Thu May 24, 2018 10:36 am

Spirit wrote:Imperial1, I believe that Disney may well be misleading you with your answers.
Since your original post I have worked with about 15 different squads and all immediately filled up.
As mentioned in earlier responses by myself and others, it will be impossible for you to get new members without them specifically searching for your squad due to your low numbers.
Help to get autofill started to get you onto featured list is likely to be the only way for you.
I am unavailable to help for next few days but please pm me if you want to fill up .
I do not of course wish to interfere but there really is no need to wait for a Disney "mythical" fix.

Spirit is right. There's no issue in recruiting members to a squad, and Support doesn't know what you are talking about. The major problem today is more people is leaving the game faster than others can start new accounts.

And game has too many Squads, and leaders and officers are removing players after 2-3 days inactive, what is too bad if you don't get new members immediately. This kills Squad activity and low the member list enough to get out of the Featured Lists what will force more players to leave the squad and create new squads thinking they will get members immediately.

We have lots of great Squads almost empty and many Squads are disappearing every day when the last member give up and leave, or is automatically removed after 30 days inactive. And lots of level 1 squads newly-created with only 1 player, waiting, and waiting for someone to join...

My suggestion to all commanders is don't create a new squad only for the glory of being leader of your own squad, but look for old squads with good perks and help them to fill a war list. If you don't like, leave and join another.
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