Tracking Achievements and Event Wins

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Tracking Achievements and Event Wins

Post#1 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:51 pm

Guys, there's something that's been in my head since I first played this game nearly two years ago and I wanted to see if you've felt the same way or know of some insider information...

After winning my first Tournament Conflict and making Ultra Chrome on Tatooine, my reward was something like a bunch of Credits...I don't even remember. However what I do remember was that I was shocked when the next tournament started and the UC badge I had worked so hard for disappeared! I felt like it should go in some sort of trophy room or somehow be remembered. Things are a little better now that you are able to unlock units after winning UC - which serves as an enduring memorial - but I still feel like SW Commander is missing something since there's no tracking of previous achievements other than Medals.

IDEA: Make a trophy room in SW Commander that tracks all previous achievements.

A list or visual room with all your tournament badges. All of your SQ victories. You could go nuts and even put three star victories in there...which gives me an idea. What if you could unlock an award for consecutive three-star offensive or defensive wins?! That would be pretty cool. I digress...

Viewing the trophy room could be private, squad based, or public for anyone to see.


In digging around I found the Star Wars Battlefront on PS4 has a trophy room, why not SW Commander!!

Anyone remember this from Tie Fighter by LucasArts? A...good memories. I worked very hard to improve this one in-game "trophy".

Here's some Star Wars Trophies IRL:
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Re: Tracking Achievements and Event Wins

Post#2 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:49 am

Fish, my friend, with all those RL medals you are clearly a true fan of these movies.

I think a trophy element is a good idea for tournament wins. But I suspect a graphic showing 1, 2 or 3 star wins would reveal too much about the game.

Kender has got data from Squad Wars suggesting that the average Imperial medal tally is about twice that of the Rebels. That suggests to me that Imperials find it easier to 3 star rebel bases and or win on defence. But the data also shows the imperials attack a lot more than rebels, so we can't check this theory. If it became clear one side had an advantage, and it had been left that way for some time, I suspect it would cause those on the disadvantaged faction to leave the game en masse. And the game needs players on both sides to work.
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Re: Tracking Achievements and Event Wins

Post#3 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:29 am


Currently in the Game Data (view Kenders Post found here) there are already established SWC Game Achievements for Google Play and Amazon.


  1. The "Titles" and "Description" are from the Game Data.
  2. The requirements are for both Rebel Faction and Empire Faction.

1. Star Destroyer

  • DESCRIPTION: “PvE - Earn Stars”
  • LEVEL 1: Earn 10 Stars
  • LEVEL 2: Earn 50 Stars
  • LEVEL 3: Earn 150 Stars
2. There Is No Try

  • DESCRIPTION: “Win PvP Attacks”
  • LEVEL 1: Win 25 PvP Attacks
  • LEVEL 2: Win 250 PvP Attacks
  • LEVEL 3: Win 5000 PvP Attacks
3. No Reward Is Worth This

  • DESCRIPTION: “PvP - Loot Alloy”
  • LEVEL 1: Loot 20000 Alloy
  • LEVEL 2: Loot 1000000 Alloy
  • LEVEL 3: Loot 100000000 Alloy
4. Scoundrel I Like That

  • DESCRIPTION: “PvP - Loot Credits”
  • LEVEL 1: Loot 20000 Alloy
  • LEVEL 2: Loot 1000000 Alloy
  • LEVEL 3: Loot 100000000 Alloy
5. Proceeding As Foreseen

  • DESCRIPTION: “Upgrade Your Headquarters”
  • LEVEL 1: Upgrade HQ To Level 3
  • LEVEL 2: Upgrade HQ To Level 6
  • LEVEL 3: Upgrade HQ To Level 10
6. More Training You Require

  • DESCRIPTION: “Upgrade Your Barracks”
  • LEVEL 1: Upgrade Barracks To Level 2
  • LEVEL 2: Upgrade Barracks To Level 5
  • LEVEL 3: Upgrade Barracks To Level 10
7. All Too Easy

  • DESCRIPTION: “Upgrade Materials Storage (Alloy Depot)”
  • LEVEL 1: Upgrade Materials Storage To Level 2
  • LEVEL 2: Upgrade Materials Storage To Level 5
  • LEVEL 3: Upgrade Materials Storage To Level 10
8. In It For The Money

  • DESCRIPTION: “Upgrade Credit Storage (Credit Vault)”
  • LEVEL 1: Upgrade Credit Storage To Level 2
  • LEVEL 2: Upgrade Credit Storage To Level 5
  • LEVEL 3: Upgrade Credit Storage To Level 10
THEORETICALLY those Players whom have a Google Play or Amazon Account should be able to view these Achievements. Here is how:

  1. Google Play: View How to See Achievements in Google Play Games
  2. Amazon: View Amazon GameCircle on Kindle Fire
Adding to this Thread...
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Re: Tracking Achievements and Event Wins

Post#4 » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:42 am

That image from "Tie Fighter" brings back some fond memories
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