Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#21 » Wed Sep 21, 2016 3:00 am

Thanks for taking the time to write all this great stuff, nice tutorial which will be very useful for me!


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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#22 » Thu Nov 24, 2016 4:10 pm

Hello RebelYell,

I've been reading up on restoring my account on a Windows 10 Laptop. So this is a mule account at HQ5.

Just want some more info before I proceed.

I logged in today and the SW Commander Icon on my Start Up shows the Credit/Alloy and Crystal from my normal account. But then when I start it, I get the Star Field intro with the Skip button which I close right away.

I think it's starting the Tutorial so I rather not take any chances and continue.

I only have the player name and squad name at the moment.

What do you suggest I do.

1)Restore Point in Windows from a week ago.
2)Continue the login and see what happens.
3)Contact support with Player Name and Squad Name.

After reading all this, I created a Restore point on my main PC account and took a picture of my Player ID ( I would freak out losing my HQ8 account)

Thanks for the Help.

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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#23 » Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:22 am

Hi Xpee,
first of all: Personally, I don't play the windows version of SWC. I sometimes play SWC on windows but only the android version in an emulator (i.e. NOX). So I have no personal experience with windows account recovery.

These guys here wrote some IMHO very useful info about the playerprefs-file on windows computers: ... /resources

Obviously your playerprefs-file has been overwritten/deleted. This tiny file contains the login-data to your SWC account. The most important data in it is your player-id (visible in-game) and a player-secret (just in this file). When it gets lost, the game can't login to your existing account anymore and will begin a new account with new player-id and therefore start from scratch.

This is no problem if you actually do BACKUPs on your PC. This is what everyone recommeands IMHO and on a PC you don't have the restrictions of mobile devices which often make it unnecessary difficult to create "real" backups. You only need one file from the backup and that is the playerprefs.dat file described in the link above. As the playerpres.dat only contains the login data, the backup can be of any time in the last months where you played the game. After restore of that file you game will be up to date.

As a home user, you usually make backups on external USB drives, a NAS or even in a cloud (online backups in clouds are often limited and incomplete). They either create file archives or complete images of your disk. An old backup/copy of all files in your user folder to another disk/folder naturally also would help in this case.

A "Windows System Restore Point" (If we're speaking of the same function) is not a general file backup. It is a method to restore your windows settings (driver/registry) in case the system gets unstable/unbootable. To my knowledge, it doesn't save the data of any additional apps/programs.

But Windows offers a "File History" function. (Which has to be enabled) ... ature.html
If this was already enabled at the time of your problem then you might be safe because it backups all files in the Users folder where also the playerprefs.dat file is situated.

If you have no backups of your computer anywhere then it will be near impossible to restore your game. Some person with computer knowledge might try and scan the sectors of your hard disk for old deleted copies of the playerprefs file. (You can take the search strings from your current playerprefs.dat) Most certainly the data is overwritten, but you never know, the file is not big so there's a remote chance.
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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#24 » Thu Dec 01, 2016 9:29 pm


I'm just a newbie here. My son is playing SWC on his mum's old phone and yesterday the game wouldn't load as there was an update to the game, but the update is not compatible with the old phone.

I've tried previously to link his game with his mum's facebook account so it is backed up and he can play on other devices. These attempts went to facebook but I got an error each time - I think it was something like the page is not found. I play SWC too and have had no problems synching my game to my facebook.

So I noticed in this thread an option to contact SWC support. How do I do that?

Thanks for your help.

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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#25 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 5:59 am

volgo wrote:So I noticed in this thread an option to contact SWC support. How do I do that?

Thanks for your help.

volgo - Welcome to the Forum! :D

How to Contact Disney Mobile Support

You can contact Disney Mobile Support here.

Click on the GREEN [Contact Us] Button in the lower right corner and answer the prompts thereafter.

⇨ Be sure to include with your initial "report" the following:

  1. Your Player ID (found in Settings > About).
  2. Your In-Game Name.
  3. Your Squad Name.
  4. Your Game Device and its Current OS Version.
  5. Your SWC Game Version and Build (found in Settings > About).
  6. A description of the "issues" you have noted.
  7. Any Screenshots you may have taken.
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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#26 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 8:24 pm

Thanks DeathStriker. :)

Unfortunately we can't get into the game anymore to get his Player ID but I've provided what I can - hopefully they can help.


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Re: Syncing/Restoring your Game: Tutorial

Post#27 » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:39 am

Hello guys.

So I was probably good during year as I have received new phone. But, Disney is Disney and moving SW commander to new phone seems too risky to me. Why? I dont have Facebook (got banned about 2 years ago, shit happens). I have screenshot of my player-id but it seems that it is not possible to simply add it somewhere.

So Google Games Play left only option for me. I have synced my account with it, BUT it seems bit out of date. When I check my Google Games Play account I have last achievement from April this year (while I clearly should have more) and I have had guite a troubles syncinc my game with Google Games Play account. So I am abit of affraid to do it on new device and rewrite my actuall mid lvl9 base with some lvl7 from April.

Has anybody experience with it? I have old game still on my old phone and running.
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