Still mobilize hero when hero command upgrading?

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Re: Still mobilize hero when hero command upgrading?

Post#11 » Sun Apr 07, 2019 4:45 pm

DeathStriker wrote:
Kahoot wrote:i have a similiar question: can i use the troops transporter same time i upgrade? or do i have to wait two days to play the game and wait for it to upgrade before i fly with it into conflict? and what about the starfigther commision can it upgrade same time it sells me starfighters?

Kahoot - A bit OFF TOPIC but there are 2 Structures you can use as normal while they are being Upgraded:

  1. Squad Center
  2. Troop Transports

Both the Hero Command and Starship Command can be used while being Upgraded by using HQ Samples provided you make sure you have nothing "cooking" at the time when you start the Upgrade.

:arrow: I recommend you remove all Heros and/or Starships prior to Upgrade to ensure you don't have any issues as described earlier in this Topic.

Hope this answers your question...

thats so good (and bad)i thought i should have a two days break from the game while my transporters upgrade. but now i can play all evenings in the week. my wife say thats bad;)

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