Some squad war necessities

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Some squad war necessities

Post#1 » Thu Jul 28, 2016 6:11 pm

First and foremost, there should be a battle log for the squad wars. This is necessary because adjusting defenses and troop donations will allow players to improve their overall game. Also, if a real war were occurring would the commanders send troops into battle then simply not pay attention to what happened during the battle? I would hardly think so!

Second, there needs to be a squad donation interface that allows people to see what has been donated so they can know what donation they might be able to make that would supplement the already donated troops. Also, the interface should allow players to dump units they don't want. Nothing is worse than having a new recruit who just wants to be helpful, but gives an HQ 9 person level 3 troops. Finally both of these things will allow the experienced players to teach the noobs how to play better. On this note, a "mail" system that allows the squad leaders to give everyone a long message would be wonderful so the leaders can actually disseminate information about squad tactics.

A third change would be to allow the players starting the war to choose how many players are participating, between 15-30 in increments of 5. What is the point I having 30 peeps in a squad if only 15 are allowed to participate? I mean maybe you don't want that many players, but it should be the players option. Not something forced upon us by the game makers.

The final change necessary is a way to review wars for a couple days (or at least until next war starts) so that new strategies can be created for wars to come. Also, this would allow squad leaders to boot players that are remaining completely inactive during the wars. It is no fun to play a game where only 50% of the players are doing anything, especially if you are against a team that is 100% active players. Imagine a football game where half the players on one team walk on the field and sit down. Would you even bother watching? More importantly how is it fair to the players that are participating to make them win the game, but everyone gets rewarded? To this effect, rewards should be given to the people who make successful attacks not just everyone, thus inspiring all players to participate.

I want it to be noted that many of my ideas come from Clash of Clans. I also want to be clear that I am not encouraging the developers to do the exact same thing, only to make some improvements that will make gameplay more interesting and less frustrating.

All of this being said I love this game! Especially because it is based in the Star Wars universe! But the developers seem to be taking advantage of the fact that they have a name to ride on and are not trying very hard to make a cohesive and fun game. If those things are their goals this game's active users will skyrocket and people will throw millions of dollars at it!

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