How to 3 Star Chapter 9 - Mission VI-IX (6-9)

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How to 3 Star Chapter 9 - Mission VI-IX (6-9)

Post#1 » Sat Mar 21, 2015 10:27 pm

In these videos, I'm going to try to not simply blast through with my HQ7 units and actual deploy strategy where I can. Many of my will units be less upgraded than level 7 so hopefully they will mirror your experience a bit more.

In these 4 missions, there are 2 defense missions that should be easy due to the always poor AI.

Mission 7 and 9, where you attack the computer bases, were a bit challenging because all the storm troopers that pop out and I can't use Leia whom I trust for the campaign missions. Will see if I can find a better strategy going forward. That said, I don't recall these missions being nearly this challenging when I completed the Empire side many months ago. I wonder if Disney's made them harder in the updates.

In mission 9, I used a not so upgraded Rebel Hailfire Droid. It's not a must for this mission but definitely make things much easier with its AOE damage. If you deploy 2 of these, you can pretty much one shot most clumps of units.

Anyways, here are the videos.

Scoundrels and Schemes 6 - 3 Stars

Scoundrels and Schemes 7 - 3 Stars

Scoundrels and Schemes 8 - 3 Stars

Scoundrels and Schemes 9 - 3 Stars

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Re: How to 3 Star Chapter 9 - Mission VI-IX (6-9)

Post#2 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:39 am

That is not mission 6 for Scoundrels and Schemes... It is mission 4.

Please provide mission 6 if able.


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