Please Rate My HQ5 Rebel Base

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Poll: How is my HQ5 base layout?

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Please Rate My HQ5 Rebel Base

Post#1 » Mon Jan 09, 2017 5:46 am

Unit Transports and Droid Shack are in each of the other 3 corners

You can see that I have started the process of upgrading to HQ6 so interested in how to develop a more solid core defense...


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Re: Please Rate My HQ5 Rebel Base

Post#2 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:30 am

I like yr base!!! Would like to no if yr two shields cover ur Squad centre???

Squad centre covering North side of base means it is well protected so personally would bring two more turrents to the south side protecting HQ more
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Re: Please Rate My HQ5 Rebel Base

Post#3 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 6:39 am

Glasvegan wrote:You can see that I have started the process of upgrading to HQ6 so interested in how to develop a more solid core defense...

Glasvegan - Welcome to the Forum! :D

Good Base design, but it appears that it hard to defend when it comes to Heroic Defense "events"

Keeping in mind that HD "Event Units" only spawn where you see the Grid when viewing your Base in God Mode, and they don't spawn along the edges like Units from "Living Players". So the more edges you can use and the more space you can block "Unit Spawning" will help get those HD "Event" 3-Star Wins needed to unlock those Elite Data Fragments.

Recommend you investigate a "Corner Base Design" or "Edge Base Design" (if you are not doing so already) so as to limit your HD Attacks from only one to two sides.

In the end you have to decide what is the best base design for you based upon your game goals at anyone particular time.

A base designed to "protect resources" is often laid out different than say a base designed to "accumulate medals", although there are some base designs that do both.

I look forward to seeing how you modify your base if/when you do....
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Re: Please Rate My HQ5 Rebel Base

Post#4 » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:02 am

I suppose it all depends on what you are trying to protect. Right now, it looks like you aren't particularly interested in securing resources but rather your HQ.

To that end, it looks to me like you aren't covering your SC with shields. Looks a bit too far. So, expect knowledgeable opponents to hit it with TIEs, negating any SC troop advantage you might gain. The rapids in the NE and NW confuse me a little bit. I don't see what their value is, off hand. Looks like a single tank each would take them out, allowing stormtroopers to rampage most of the outer buildings for the loot and the easy 1-star victory (not that you seem concerned about given them 1 star).

Trap placement could use a little work, I think. In the east, you have that trap in a location already covered by your turret and in a location unlikely to prevent that building from being destroyed (they'd deploy on the east corner) and since I'm looking at the NE/NW as my favoured attack vector, I question the positioning of the other traps in the SW, but your experience may prove me wrong on that.

All that being said, there is a huge tactical defence layout shift at HQ6 with the added shield generator, so any of this advice is going to become obsolete very fast.

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