The Jundland General Walkthrough - 10 Missions List

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The Jundland General Walkthrough - 10 Missions List

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During your initial protection period, use this guide to plan you missions and upgrades. Since build and upgrade is what slows you down the most in the beginning, you should plan to start the required build or upgrade well before the mission that requires it.

Keep in mind, while barracks and factory buildings are upgrading, they will not be able to built units. Likewise, resources buildings that are upgrading will not accrue credits or resources.

You should aim to complete as many upgrades as possible before your initial protection period expires so you will be in the best position for P2P battles.

[Defend Mission]
The Jundland General I
Scouts report an incoming attack. Remember to always have a strong defensive layout of Turrets, and use the Strix when you’re attacked!

[Build Mission]
The Jundland General II
Clearly the enclave you defeated before was not the main Tsken base. To begin dealing with this renewed threat have at least 2 level 2 Barracks in your base.

[Attack Mission]
The Jundland General III
Scout have located another Tusken enclave. However, its layout is odd for Tusken Raiders. Take troops and investigate the enclave.

[Defend Mission]
The Jundland General IV
As your weary forces return to base, you are quickly attacked once again. The enemy is probing for weakness. Defend your HQ at all costs!

[Build Mission]
The Jundland General V
Further base upgrades will be necessary, and to do that, upgraded Alloy facilities will be paramount. have a Level 2 Alloy Depot to complete this mission.

[Defend Mission]
The Jundland General VI
Another attack is incoming. Scouts report a pack of Banthas, which will tear through your walls. Use the Strix to stop them!

[Build Mission]
The Jundland General VII
Upgrading Turrets increases both their health and damage, and its a critical component of a successful defense. Have a least 2 Rapid Fire Turrets at level 2 to complete this mission.

[Attack Mission]
The Jundland General VIII
Another Tusken enclave has been fond. Take our troops and search for evidence of where the Jundland General is operating from.

[Build Mission]
The Jundland General IX
Upgrading your HQ unlocks new buildings, as well as new levels for your existing buildings. Have a Tier 3 HQ to complete this mission.

[Attack Mission]
The Jundland General X
The main enclave of the Jundland General has been found at last. Defeat the Jundland General for 1 star, defeat 10 of his troops for 2 stars, and destroy 100% of the base for all 2 stars.

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